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As this ministry is build up on valuable and earnest prayers of God's children, Prayer is given the first priority. To enhance this nearly 500 prayer friends have joined with us from different places. The "House of God" building is mainly buildup for this purpose only.

1. Intercessory Prayer :
The ministry has a group of dedicated people for prayers. Daily they pray with burden for people and ministry. On Thursdays, hundreds of people gather and take part in the fasting prayer. Every Tuesday night special prayers are offered by the Krupa Ministry Team members. Apart from this, every month, two prayer meetings are conducted on a grand scale.

2. All Night Prayer :

On the 20th of every month, hundreds of people assemble in the House of God and pray with tears for the salvation of the people, the nation and the rulers, for the protection of the missionaries, for revival in the churches, for the protection of our nation and its prosperity. The prayer continues from 9 PM to 5 AM. Ignoring their exhaustion by the day's work and depriving themselves of the needful hours of rest, many men, women and children come forward with enthusiasm to pray for the country. By the prayer of these people who sacrifice themselves, the Lord has begun to work in India. When we see the eagerness of the people, we can understand that the salvation of our nation is not so far.

This is a prayer offered by people in tears and lamentations in the presence of God for the souls perishing in sin and curse. For this prayer, nearly 1,000 people assemble in the House of God Campus. In this prayer there are times for sweet songs with the accompaniment of music, worship that exhilarates the spirit, and the power-filled word of God. Prayers are offered for the Nation and the missionaries and also for those who have sought prayer support through letters.

At the end of prayer time after sharing the word of God, when special prayer are offered for those assembled, people taste the miraculous touch of the Lord in an abundant measure.

The Lord has given the promise contained in Mathew 11:5 for this prayer. "The blind receive their sight and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them". The Lord is faithful in His promise and touches people in a supernatural way and does miracles. Many such people are blessed by this prayer ministry by being healed, delivered from the devil and debt, blessed with children, and strengthened by the miraculous touch of our Lord Jesus Christ. They come forward immediately to glorify the name of the Lord on the stage by bearing witness to the miracles performed by the Lord

3. Letter Correspondence :
Every day we are receiving hundreds of letters and Fax from the people with hundreds of problems. Every problem has its own sorrows, which breaks our hearts. We pray for their problems and reply them with the consoling word from God. God is doing miracles and wonders among the people who have firm faith in Him. We are also giving counseling for the needy people through letters.

4. Hotline Prayers :
Daily round the clock we are receiving Calls from all kinds of people from world around, each call is carrying a peculiar type of problem at peculiar times. The prayer warriors are praying with them full of burden and faith and God is answering their needs at the right time. We are also giving the required counseling in the basis of The Holy Bible.

5. Personal Counseling :

A Counseling Centre is functioning in the House of God Premises. Many people are coming for prayer and counseling and are being blessed by this centre. To counsel the people and share their burdens spirit filled prayer warriors are at the doorsteps in helping them. People who were burdened by the problems and worries in their life get a new life through the Prayers and Counseling.

6. Ministry through the Cyber World :
God has enabled us to venture in to this new Scientific Era through the cyber network. Now a days world has shrunken in to the computer and God has also made us to host our website and every month you can get God's messages and His wonderful testimonies. Through E mail hundreds of people are contacting us per month and we can see God's hands working through the media also.
You can contact us for prayers at any situations at
Prayer Request & Information for the Prayer & Schedules at 08598-224948.
Or Cell # : 919949428700

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