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I was born in Christian family to my parents Mr.Kanapala Jesudas Ramaiah & Krupamma on May 25th 1963, in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Though I was born in a Christian family but I was not the real Christian. I have completed my degree in arts & commerce. I was the eldest son in my family and had 3 other siblings. As I was first born in my family My parents grew me up in fondly (Sweetly) life which turns me back to be a spoiled Kid, irresponsible, continuous & ceaseless movie watcher. There are the times where I had stolen money from my dads pocket to watch movies and it went to peak stage,I was addicted to movies & dance.

I led a sinful life and suffered for want of Peace.With out the knowledge of my parents on my way to school, I used to go to cine theater's to watch mivies. I am the fan of one of the most popular cine actor and I watched one of his movies 16 times. I had a separate room in my house and my room is loaded with full of cine cassettes and posters. I always sing & dance cine songs and lived with that the whole life until 1985, I don't know how I completed my studies. My parents are so prayerful and they are praying for me and scolded several times, but I was'nt listening to them.Then I fell into all sorts of abominable sins that a youngster could indulge in. Nevertheless, no worldly pleasure or sin could give me the peace or happiness that my soul longed for I was desperate

I was in such miserable & wretched stage, During that time I was attacked with chronic disease of cold & cough. It worsen my situation day by day and turned to a dreadful disease. When I had a cough it used to bleeds lot of blood from my mouth. But contrary to my expectations my problem increased and Peace seemed disappearing altogether. When my parents saw the situation they are so helpless and took me to so many specialists, though it was not cured. I was suffering with lot of sever cold & cough and couldn’t even walk. My parents are praying for me daily and they use to go to Hosanna Mandir. One day my parents requested Bro.Yesanna garu to visit my room. When he stepped to my room he even couldn't stay a minute because of the stuff that was there in my room. He prayed for me and left the place. On that day when I was sleeping I saw the vision of Christ touched my body and got healed from sever cold, cough and bleeding. Immediately, I surrendered myself for His glorious ministry and I saw all the hosts of angels rejoicing and singing in heaven. I started removing all the cine posters and destroyed all the cine cassettes. I started new life, from that time I started seeking Jesus and read bible on daily basis. Our saviour Lord Jesus Christ started talkign to me through the so many verses. From that time I started signing Christian songs instead of Cine songs in the crusades and meetings. I was baptized by Bro.Yesanna on Dec 31 in 1987. God spoke to me according to book of Jermiah 15:19 "Therefore this is what the LORD says: "If you repent, I will restore you that you may serve me; if you utter worthy, not worthless, words, you will be my spokesman. Let this people turn to you, but you must not turn to them".I dedicated my life to Jesus and started serving Jesus from that time. Worked in the ministry for 10 years and started the own church with 5 members. I started serving Jesus with faith amongst the Hindu families. God started working in the ministry and it has grown as one of the biggest church in Kandukur with 400-500 people gathering.

I hope this testimony will be blessed for every one, Praise the lord in the name of our precious Jesus Christ. He will never forsake us at any time.

God Bless You All.

In yours Christ,

Pastor Prasad,

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