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"And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people".

Mathew 9.35

Yes, on the model of Jesus' ministry, KRUPA MINISTRY also is doing the gospel work in an exemplary manner.

Village Ministry: To proclaim the gospel to the poor people living in unreached villages, we adopt various means. In the beginning village outreach programmes were conducted once in a QUARTER with adequate preparation of praying for a particular village and then setting out to the village but now we are reaching out every week by helding prayers in every corners of the surrounding villages.

Gospel Team
A Gospel Team has been formed to do gospel work in villages and cities. This team reaches places for and wide and meets people, conducts sing-song services with the accompaniment of music followed by the sharing of testimonies, and by the gospel message. They pray for the needs of the people and counsel them.

Gospel Meetings
Gospel is being proclaimed in villages and cities through gospel meetings. People coming in thousands to take part in such meetings without any discrimination of caste, creed, race or religion as members of one family to listen to the Word of God and to follow the path of Jesus. It is note-worthy that non-Christians come in large numbers and they got the salvation in their souls & spirits & become the followers of Christ.

The Lord is using Bro. Prasad and Bro. Jesudas Ramaiah (Former Bishop of One of the Ministry in India) and the KRUPA Ministry family mightily in such meetings. At the end of each meeting, a large section of people repent and weep for their sins and commit their lives to Jesus. When prayer is offered, God's power ascends and performs His mighty works among the people and his glory reveals through healing & deliverance.

Follow-up Ministry
To those who were committed their lives to Jesus Christ in such gospel meetings, follow-up ministry is conducted to make them firm in Christ. Their addresses are gathered to contact them in future and they are given to the spirit filled pastors to lead their lives spiritually and special meetings are arranged for them separately.

Youth Ministry
We are also ministering among the youths for their salvation, and make them to strengthen in the Lord, and for them to rise and shine. In every Gospel meeting, during the day time, special youth meetings have been conducted for the youths separately.
Thousands of young blood renews their spiritual strength through this and they receive the blessings both in spirit and body. Youth camps are being conducted often by this Jesus Redeems team in various places.

Children's Ministry

Sis. Anand Kumari was looking after this ministry and this ministry was started from the origin of KRUPA Ministry. As the Bible says "forbid them (Children) not to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven". Mat 19:14). We are also ministering the children for their salvation as they are the strong pillars of the nation.
Every year we used to conduct Children Revival Camp at the House of God, Kandukur, Praksam District In AP, INDIA  on Quarterly basis and hundreds  of children are been enlightened in their spirits through songs, skits, quiz, stories, messages and etc. Besides, Children Prayer Camps are conducted in important cities to transform children into prayer warrior’s .Through this nearly 200 Children's prayer groups have been raised to plead for the nation and revival of churches. Really God is working among the children through this ministry.

Out Reach Ministry
God has commanded us to reach the souls in the cities. In abide of His commands we have started to venture in to the cities & Villages for reaping the souls by distributing tracts and handbills to the people. Until now we have reached three villages. Through this ministry hundreds of people are able to experience the Love of Christ and the Gospel.

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